The Moetefindt concept

Four fundamental values form the basis of the Moetefindt concept: individuality, safety, efficiency and ease of operation. We create bespoke solutions to meet your needs. High-quality materials and technologies not only make it safer to transport your load; they also maximise your efficiency and make it easy to load your vehicle. More than 35 years of experience in designing customised transporters, and our great passion for racing, are the key to our concept’s success.


1 Individuality

Whether you are interested in quickly and frequently loading and unloading a racing car at the track, or safely transporting a classic car on a long trip to the Côte d'Azur, what you require of the ideal vehicle transporter depends entirely on your individual needs.

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2 Safety

Some vehicles are real showpieces, of irreplaceable value. This kind of immaterial value needs to be protected. We use our knowledge and experience to ensure that your vehicle is optimally secured and protected.

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3 Efficiency

Moetefindt trailers are well thought out, down to the last detail. And that pays off. The aerodynamic design and the maintenance-free air suspension make for a smoother ride, minimising your fuel consumption and the wear on your tyres.

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Ease of operation

4 Ease of operation

Our transporters are so easy to use that one person can open or close them in just 30 seconds with no trouble at all. The automatic tilt mechanism also makes your work faster, as no additional help is needed.

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