Ablenkbarer Fahrzeugtransporter mit Kippvorrichtung

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The Moetefindt Concept

Know-how in
a user-friendly design

Thanks to their user-friendly design, our trailers can easily be opened and closed by a single person in only 30 seconds. The automatic tilting device lets you get the job done quickly, as no additional help is required. The loading and unloading processes can be steered optimally and conveniently using the remote control.

Automatic tilting device

The automatic tilting device functions exclusively via weight distribution to effortlessly achieve an optimum ramp angle: the trailer automatically returns to its driving position when the vehicle is loaded as soon as the optimum drawbar load is reached. The additional hand pump on the drawbar serves as hydraulic support and makes it possible to lock the trailer in a tilted position.

Hydraulic tailgate lifting device

The alternative for heavy trailers without a tilting device: like the automatic tilting device, the hydraulic tailgate lifting device guarantees an exceptionally flat ramp angle. As a result, even vehicles with a very low ride height can be loaded and unloaded safely.

Cable winch

The adjustable cable winch makes it possible to pull any vehicle effortlessly into the trailer. One-sided coils and jammed, overlaid and crushed cables are a thing of the past. This also reduces the strain on the coupling of the vehicle and makes loading and unloading even safer.

Remote control

The remote control makes the loading and unloading process even more convenient, as a vehicle can now be safely and easily loaded onto the trailer with only one person in the vehicle.