Effiziente Fahrzeuganhänger und Aufbauten mit Zulassung bis 100 km/h

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The Moetefindt Concept

Efficiency through

Trailers by Moetefindt have been thought through to the smallest detail. This pays off. The aerodynamic design and maintenance-free air suspension increase comfort and minimise consumption as well as tyre wear up to a speed of 60 mp/h.

Air suspension

Thanks to the air suspension, the driving behaviour of your vehicle with trailer is smoother and less turbulent, and bumps in the road are less strongly felt. Since the air suspension is maintenance-free, both tyre wear and associated maintenance costs are minimised.


The 30° and 45° chamfers enhance the aerodynamics of tarpaulin and box bodies. This reduces fuel consumption.

Storage space concept

The trailer body contains storage compartments of up to 32 cm deep that offer a secure storage space for boxes, tools and two complete sets of racing tyres. If required, additional shelves or workbenches can also be installed inside the trailer.

Hollow tip

Twice the benefit: in the hollow tip, storage compartments for two spare tyres can be integrated, allowing quick and direct access from outside. The tip is also chamfered by 45° for enhanced aerodynamics and reduced fuel consumption.