Efficiency through quality
The Moetefindt concept

Efficiency through quality

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Moetefindt trailers are well thought out, down to the last detail. And that pays off. The aerodynamic design and the maintenance-free air suspension make for a smoother ride, minimising your fuel consumption and the wear on your tyres. As they are approved for 100 km/h, you can reach your destination sooner.

Air suspension

1 Air suspension

The air suspension makes your road performance smoother and stops your outfit from bouncing; you no longer feel every bump in the road. As it is maintenance-free, and reduces the wear on your tyres, it also minimises your maintenance costs.


2 Aerodynamics

The 30° and 45° angles improve the aerodynamics of the covered and box bodies, reducing fuel consumption.

Stowage concept

3 Stowage concept

The trailer bed contains storage trays up to 32 cm deep, which can be used to safely stow boxes, tools and two complete sets of racing tyres. On request, additional shelves or workbenches can be fitted inside the trailer.

Front nose

4 Front nose

Two-in-one use: storage compartments for spare wheels, etc. can be fitted into the front nose, offering fast, direct access from outside. The nose also has a 45° slant, giving it an aerodynamic shape that reduces fuel consumption.

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