Individual solutions, custom-made
The Moetefindt concept

Individual solutions, custom-made

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Whether you are interested in quickly and frequently loading and unloading a racing car at the track, or safely transporting a classic car on a long trip to the Côte d'Azur, what you require of the ideal vehicle transporter depends entirely on your individual needs. That’s what we specialise in at Moetefindt. The transporter design, size or payload, whether it is covered or has a box body, its technical features and specs, its material and paintwork: at Moetefindt, every detail can be freely configured, from the design to the finish. Just what you’d expect of bespoke workmanship made in Germany.

Box trailers

1 Box trailers

Box bodies give you maximum protection against theft and vandalism with just a slightly higher unladen weight. The smooth side walls are built from aluminium sandwich panels. They have internal locking devices, are weatherproof and can be fully painted in the colour of your choice to make a strong impression. You can adapt the entire design to meet your exact requirements.

Covered trailers

2 Covered trailers

The version with double curtain sides guarantees easy loading. The curtains run on tracks, keeping everything neat and tidy even when things get hectic. As with the box body, the frame is made entirely of aluminium. The colour and the design printed on the tarpaulin can be freely selected. We custom-build your transporter to meet your needs.

Special-purpose designs

3 Special-purpose designs

We can meet your every need. The basic interior height of 2.40 m can thus be raised to 3.30 m by using a twin-deck design, creating additional stowage space. The second end-to-end loading platform is built to be extremely stable but also lightweight. Its height can be adjusted in a few simple steps.


4 Design

We design your trailer exactly as you want it and in line with top quality standards. After all, we know that its appearance does not just have to meet practical transport needs: it also needs to be the ideal billboard for your vehicle. As well as the extensive RAL colour palette, we also offer individual metallic paints and vinyl wraps to make you stand out on the racing track or at enthusiasts’ meetings.

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