Hersteller individueller Anhänger, Renntransporter und Fahrzeugtransporter mit Kofferaufbau

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The Moetefindt Concept

Tailor-made trailer
individual solutions

Whether it's the fast and frequent loading and unloading of a racing car at the racetrack or the secure long-distance transport of a classic car to the Côte d’Azur: what makes an ideal transporter is fully dependent on your individual requirements. At Moetefindt, that is our specialism: in terms of shape, size and payload, tarpaulin or box body, technical features and specifications, material and paintwork – every detail is freely configurable, from the construction to the finishing touches. Precision work, made in Germany.

Box body

The box body offers maximum protection from theft and vandalism with only a slightly increased tare weight. The smooth side walls are made of aluminium sandwich panels. They feature internal locks and weather-proofing, and are available in any colour of your choice for representative purposes. You can design every aspect of the construction to meet your personal requirements.

Tarpaulin body

The variant with sliding tarpaulins on both sides guarantees a simple loading process. The tarpaulins slide along rails, guaranteeing a high degree of efficiency, even at hectic times. Like the box body, the frame is made fully of aluminium. The colour and print of the tarpaulin can be chosen freely. We custom build your trailer to your exact requirements.

Special construction

There is no such thing as impossible. We can increase the basic interior height of 2.40 m to 3.30 m via a double-decker construction to create additional storage space. The second, continuous loading platform is highly stable and lightweight too. Its height can be adjusted in a couple of easy steps.


We design your trailer according to your personal preferences and the highest quality, because we know that the exterior not only needs to meet the functional requirements of the trailer, but also needs to provide an optimum presentation surface for your vehicle. In addition to a comprehensive RAL colour palette, we also offer custom metallic paints and foil stickers
to guarantee a striking appearance on the racetrack or at fan conventions.