Moetefindt Anhänger: Sicherheit mit System

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The Moetefindt Concept


Some vehicles are treasures whose value is irreplaceable. Our job is to protect this sentimental value. We apply our knowledge and experience to ensure that your vehicle is optimally secured and protected. We offer various safety equipment options, such as a three-piece mirror system, a reversing camera, a flexible load-securing system and an alarm system. A GPS tracking system is also available if required. A robust housing goes without saying.

Mirror system

The three-piece mirror system makes it possible to control the distances between the car and other objects at the front and sides while in the driver's seat. This allows one person to drive the car smoothly and safely onto the trailer alone.

Motion sensor

For highly effective and energy-efficient lighting when directly accessing the trailer. All lights are conveniently controlled from the front left corner post. The basic equipment option also includes LED lights at the front left and rear right. Additional lights can be installed if required.

Load-securing system

Longitudinally adjustable lashing rings are integrated in the external frame. We also offer a perforated aluminium floor, which enables the use of red loading supports and allows lashing over the tyres. The system is TÜV-certified and compliant with VDI 2700.

Reversing camera

The reversing camera provides the necessary overview during parking and manoeuvring, guaranteeing maximum safety for your transport in tight spaces.