Safety by design
The Moetefindt concept

Safety by design

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Some vehicles are real showpieces, of irreplaceable value. This kind of immaterial value needs to be protected. We use our knowledge and experience to ensure that your vehicle is optimally secured and protected. For that purpose, we offer you various safety features such as a three-part mirror system, a reversing camera, a flexible strap system and an alarm system. A GPS tracking system is also available on request. It goes without saying that the casing is sturdy.

Mirror system

1 Mirror system

The three-part mirror system offers the ideal means of checking how much space is left at the front and sides of the transporter while sitting in the car. One person can thus safely drive the racing car in alone with no trouble at all.

Motion sensors

2 Motion sensors

For particularly effective and energy-efficient lighting as soon as you enter the trailer. All the lights are operated conveniently from the front left-hand corner post. The basic features include one LED light at the front left and one at the back right. Others can be fitted on request.

Strapping systems

3 Strapping systems

The outer frame is fitted with lashing rings that can be moved lengthwise. There are also holes punched in the aluminium decking for the red wheel chocks and the over-wheel straps. The system is TÜV certified and in line with VDI 2700.

Reversing camera

4 Reversing camera

The reversing camera gives you the view you need when parking and manoeuvring, thus also making it as safe as possible to transport loads in narrow spaces.

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