Expertise that’s easy to use
The Moetefindt concept

Expertise that’s easy to use

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Our transporters are so easy to use that one person can open or close them in just 30 seconds with no trouble at all. The automatic tilt mechanism also makes your work faster, as no additional help is needed. The convenient remote control gives you full command of the loading and unloading process.

Automatic tilt mechanism

1 Automatic tilt mechanism

The automatic tilt mechanism works solely on the principle of weight distribution, always producing the perfect loading angle with no effort at all. When you drive on, the trailer automatically descends into the driving position as soon as the ideal nose weight is reached. An additional hand pump on the drawbar provides hydraulic support and enables the trailer to be locked in position while still tilted.

Hydraulically operated tailgate raiser

2 Hydraulically operated tailgate raiser

The alternative for heavy transporters without a tilt mechanism: like the automatic tilt mechanism, the hydraulically operated tailgate raiser creates a particularly low loading angle. Even vehicles with a very low ground clearance can thus be loaded safely.


3 Winch

The winches, which can be moved about, enable any car to be pulled into the trailer without difficulty. No more winches spooling on one side, or cables jamming, overlapping or being squashed. Less stress is placed on the vehicle coupling and loading is made even safer.

Remote control

4 Remote control

The remote control makes the loading and unloading process even more manageable; a vehicle can be loaded safely and conveniently by just one person, sitting in it.

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