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Three-way tipper trailer

Maximise your payload with a consistent aluminium structure

Want to carry your mini excavator to the construction site and remove the construction waste while you are there? Taking a ride-on lawn mower to a customer? Or perhaps you deal in construction plant or municipal machinery and need a trailer to make deliveries or for your field staff to use? If so, our durable aluminium structures are just what you’re looking for.

KNN 118-235

KNN 118-235

Our three-way tipper trailer is the ideal choice for transporting all kinds of construction waste. Its multi-functional hydraulics make it easier to tip the trailer in three directions, for instance when carrying construction materials or waste, and unload them as you like. The frame and sides come in aluminium as standard to guarantee you a high payload. You can choose from various accessories to optimise your three-way tipper trailer to suit your purpose. To mention but a few options, these include side extensions, automatic roll-up tarpaulins, smooth aluminium decking or an air suspension system with shock absorbers. Take a look at the products here and use our configurator to easily create and enquire about the trailer you would like:

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KKN 230-235
Tilting three-way tipper trailer

KKN 230-235

The Moetefindt KKN three-way tipper trailer is a two-in-one solution. On one hand, the KKN can tip construction waste out on three sides. On the other hand, the additional tilt mechanism means the trailer can be used to transport plant. The double-hinged swing tailboard can be opened at the top and used as a loading ramp. Plant can thus be loaded with no need for any additional ramps. The KKN 230 has a permissible gross vehicle weight of 3,000 kg and the KKN 235 is approved up to 3,500 kg.

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