• Fahrzeugtransporter FTP 235, Geschlossener Anhänger mit festem Planenaufbau
  • Fahrzeugtransporter mit integrierter Kippeinrichtung, Moetefindt FTP 235
  • Angebot Fahrzeugtransporter mit Luftfederung FTP 235
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  • Angebot Fahrzeugtransporter FTP 235
  • Fahrzeugtransporter mit integrierter Kippeinrichtung und die feste Aluminium-Heckklappe mit Riffelblech-Fahrspuren als Auffahrrampe
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FTP 235 vehicle transporter

34.593,- € GROSS
29.069,75 € NET plus 19% VAT

Closed, vehicle transporter with a fixed tarpaulin body. The exceptionally low loading angle, thanks to Moetefindt air suspension with integrated tilting device, and loading ramp in the form of a solid aluminium tailgate with checker plate wheel tracks make loading and unloading easier. FTP 235 – for professional closed vehicle transport with maximum payload. Total permissible weight 3,500 kg | Maximum payload 2,265 kg. Ready to view at the Essen Motor Show 2015 and available from 6 Dezember 2015!

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Highlights FTP 235 vehicle transporter


  • Internal length: 5,500 mm
  • Internal width: 2,250 mm
  • Internal height: 2,000 mm
  • Total permissible weight: 3,500 kg
  • Payload: 2,265 kg
  • Tilting design
  • Air suspension with 100 km/h approval
  • External frame in reinforced design, groove rail for 10 lashing rings, adjustable
  • Streamlined tip for less wind resistance and increased driver comfort
  • Full-height tailgate at the back functions as loading ramp with wheel tracks in aluminium checker plate, lockable


  • Painted in RAL 9010 pure white
  • Sliding tarpaulin on left and right with tensioning frame, closable
  • Plastic tool box in tip
  • Door in right-hand side of tip
  • 4 interior LED lights with switch
  • Additional extendable loading ramps for racing cars like the Porsche GT3
  • Aluminium profiled floor with horizontal ridges and perforations, incl. 4 wheel chocks and 4 lashing straps
  • Storage pockets in the loading platform for e.g. wheels sets and tools
  • Electric winch with 3,500 kg tensile force, laterally adjustable with remote control
  • Mirror system on front of body
  • Images are examples only and may show equipment that is not included with the offered trailer