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What you require of the ideal transporter depends entirely on your individual needs. We construct them individually – and not just in the case of special-purpose transporters or promotional and retail vehicles. None of our transporters for vehicles, plant or materials are off the shelf. How many vehicles do you want to transport? How heavy is the plant? We build your transporter to meet your individual needs in terms of shape, size, payload and features, because we know that no two transport tasks are the same. With our car trailers, truck trailers, truck bodies and semi-trailers, you can rely on extremely short loading cycles thanks to our well-thought-out concepts for vehicle and materials transporters. From the Moetefindt air suspension, which reduces the wear on your tyres, to the special aerodynamic design, which further cuts back on fuel, you get an absolute premium product. The time you save loading will also save you money. We are happy to help you select the right trailer or body. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact our staff at any time; it is our pleasure to help you. Choose from among our products:

Vehicle transporters

1 Vehicle transporters

Whether you are interested in quickly and frequently loading and unloading a racing car at the track, or safely transporting a classic car on a long trip to the Côte d'Azur, what you require of the ideal vehicle transporter depends entirely on your individual needs.

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Gardening and construction

2 Gardening and construction

However much our plant and materials transporters may differ, they have one key advantage in common: efficiency! A wide range of easy-to-use functions make your everyday work easier, saving you time and thus also money.

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Mobile solutions

3 Mobile solutions

There are no limits when it comes to building an advertising truck. The main focus is usually on making them easy to use. We are most frequently requested to make them easy to assemble and dismount, the media systems easy to operate and the steps well structured, providing a clear overview for effective work.

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All models

4 All models

Our hand-built trailers are the perfect way to transport your favourite motor. We offer you a high level of safety and an extremely smooth ride.

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