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  • MES 235, gebrauchter Messe und Promotionanhänger
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  • MES 235, gebrauchter Messe und Promotionanhänger
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MES 235
Closed exhibition and promotional trailer, 3.5t tandem with solid box body. Thanks to its lightweight yet robust aluminium construction, the promotional trailer can be used anywhere – whether it's in deep mountain snow or on North Sea beaches. The hydraulically lowerable exhibition trailer is fully accessible. A roof sign, which folds out, and four flag masts provide high long-distance visibility.

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  • Build year: 2013, Registered: 03/2013
  • Total permissible weight: 3,500 kg
  • Payload: 1,650 kg
  • Width: 2,480 mm
  • Height: 3,240 mm
  • Cargo space length: 5,000 mm
  • Cargo space width: 2,400 mm
  • Cargo space height: 2,500 mm
  • Torsion bar suspension with 100% axle compensation, with hydraulic lowering device and hand pump
  • Basic frame and body constructed and welded in aluminium
  • Streamlined tip for less wind resistance and increased driver comfort
  • Door built into tip, front left


  • Painted in RAL 9006 silver
  • Wall cladding in glass provides presentation surface
  • 4 flag masts with bracket, approx. 6000 mm in length, pluggable
  • 220V power connection with fuse box and CEE connection
  • Counter at the front functions as dividing wall with work surface on top and two shelves
  • Extendable sign on roof, approx. 5000 x 1500 mm with gas spring for easy setup
  • 8 double recessed spotlights, gimbal-mounted, 3 double plug sockets inside
  • Left-hand side flaps and tailgate with checker board plating fold up and down via gas pressure spring