Car trailer

Car trailer
FTN 228 light + FTN 235

The FTN vehicle transporters are particularly suitable for easy and relaxed open vehicle transport. If no closed transport is required, the decision to use the FTN 228 (light) or FTN 235 is easy. The models differ primarily in their own weight and the permissible payload. While the very light and short model FTN 228 is equipped with a gross vehicle weight of 2,800 kg at a maximum payload of 2,130 kg, the vehicle transporter FTN 235 has a gross vehicle weight of 3,500 kg and a payload of first-class 2,728 kg. Life-saving equipment features include the retractable ramps. Integrated tilting devices ensure a comfortable drive-on angle. These vehicle trailers are rounded off and perfected by Moetefind air suspension.



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Gebrauchtfahrzeug - Fahrzeugtransporter FTP235
Car trailer

Car trailer
with fixed tarpaulin body
FTP 228 + FTP 235

Professional vehicle transport - next level! The closed vehicle transporters with tarpaulin body combine the safe transport of your vehicles with maximum payload. Protect your transported goods from external influences and enjoy a pleasant and quiet driving experience thanks to our special and unique air suspension. Thanks to very flat ramp angles you can load and unload this car trailer in the shortest possible time. The integrated tipping device supports you by enabling you to load and unload your vehicles at low floor heights. Aerodynamic bevels ensure maximum efficiency and minimize your fuel consumption! The FTP 228 was developed especially for racing. The payload is up to 2.000 kg. If you need more, the FTP 235 with up to 2,520 kg payload is the solution for your transports.

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FTK Anhänger
Car trailer

Car trailer
with fixed box body
FTK 228 + FTK 235

The FTK series differs from the other models by a fixed box body. The car trailers with box body ensure a load-optimised and safe transport with maximum comfort. The air suspension chassis with axle compensation is approved for speeds up to 100 km/h. Furthermore, it is maintenance-free and reduces tyre wear. The lockable tailgate can be used directly as an access ramp and has checker plates on the lanes. You can load and unload this car trailer with only one person in record time. The independent tilting device ensures the luxurious loading process. The swinging and lockable side door also supports the loading process. The payload of the FTK 228 is 1,880 kg (2,800 kg total permissable weight). If there is more load required, the FTK 235 with a maximum payload of 2.400 (3.500 kg total permissable weight) is the right choice for you.

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Car trailer

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