SFN 295 1

open semi-trailer
SFN 245

Our "SFN" series semitrailers, which can be coupled quickly, are particularly popular with haulage companies, car dealerships and towing services. The open semi-trailer is suitable for the very fast handling of up to four vehicles in the shortest time. The very flat drive-up angle is guaranteed by the offset behind the last axle and the lowerable air suspension, as well as retractable aluminium ramps with central locking, which makes loading and unloading easy. While the models SFN 245 & 265 have a permissible gross vehicle weight of 4,500 kg and 6,500 kg respectively for the transport of up to two vehicles, the SFN 295 with an optional double-decker body has a permissible gross vehicle weight of 9,500 kg. Configure your own semi-trailer according to your wishes now or get extensive advice from our product managers.

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SFP 265 11

Semi-trailer with tarpaulin body
SFP 165

Do you want to load your vehicles safely during transport with a semi-trailer and transport them from A to B without much effort? Our "SFP" series semi-trailers guarantee high-quality and safe transport of up to two vehicles at the same time thanks to their closed tarpaulin structure. Optional freely configurable side flaps or double doors make it even easier to load and secure the vehicles. Simply get out of the vehicle to be loaded. Uncomplicated and immediate. The Moetefindt air suspension and the bend behind the last axle allow you to load and unload quickly and easily. Starting with the smallest model with a permissible total weight of 6,500 kg, our semi-trailers with tarpaulin body can accommodate up to 9,500 kg. You can find further details on the product pages and configure your suitable semi-trailer there.

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Semi-trailer with box body
SFK 218

Our semitrailers with tandem axle and lockable box body are suitable for all those who really want to move something. The box body makes it possible to transport and safely load up to four vehicles with two double-decker bodies. The SFK models of the semi-trailers shine with an outstanding permissible gross vehicle weight of up to 18,000 kg. Despite the enormous size, thanks to the best ramp angle, any vehicle can be loaded and secured in the semi-trailer in no time at all. Configure your dream of a vehicle transporter yourself or let us advise you! We look forward to your inquiry.

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