Moetefindt in Motion

Detlef “Det” Müller gets his new FTP 235

“I want a trailer – for my baby. She only gets the best. Where can I get it? Where else? Clean, safe and speedy: from Moetefindt!”

Det Müller picks up a new trailer, tailor-made and fully customised. Visiting us, Det was blown away with amazement. Watch this highly entertaining clip and see what we conjured up for the host of the GRIP motoring programme.

Moetefindt at the 2016 Techno Classica

In 2016, a film team came to visit our stand. Jens Moetefindt was interviewed, and here he is in person, explaining how our covered and box FTP and FTK vehicle transport trailers are built and work. He also explains the advantages of the aluminium design and our air suspension, and goes on to describe our company – enjoy the video!

Premiere: 4-vehicle Moetefindt drive-through loading system

Another year, another premiere in 2016: the first AFDK 70 designed for our customer Balzke as a twin-deck drawbar outfit with drive-through loading and a hydraulically operated extending drawbar. It could hardly be more flexible – rounded off by tried-and-tested, well thought-out solutions from Moetefindt.

Freight can also be loaded with a forklift via the four-leaf folding doors on the left-hand side. The twin decks and winch are fully PLC controlled, making them easy to operate, with a safety system to avoid operating errors. Below-bed coupling enables 90° loading while the trailer is still attached.

2015 Moetefindt opening

More than 500 guests attended the symbolic ribbon cutting by the company owner and managing director Jens Moetefindt. Compère Lena Siep guided the guests through the evening with charm. The first transporter produced at the new premises acted as a stage for live music, while a fleet of food trucks – what else? – offered catering with a difference. In short, a custom-made celebration.

Loading an FTP 235 in two minutes

Vehicles can be loaded onto this covered trailer in mere minutes. The additional fold-out ramps create an especially low loading angle. The best way to understand it is to watch for yourself how easy it is to load, illustrated by this SLS AMG.

Loading an RKN motorcycle trailer

The RKN motorcycle trailer is so easy to use that it can be presented in no time at all, showcasing its automatic tilt mechanism and slide-out loading ramp.

Loading and unloading an FTK 235

Vehicles can be loaded onto this box trailer in mere minutes. The additional fold-out ramps create an especially low loading angle. The best way to understand it is to watch it for yourself.

The biggest Moetefindt project

Over a period of 178 days – 16 rainy and 4 snowy – it took 54 workers 1,000 m3 of construction materials, 3,600 m3 of concrete and tons of dedication to build the new 3,000 m2 production space meeting top technological and ecological standards. It was built for the simple reason that more and more customers are excited about Moetefindt products. Jens Moetefindt: “It’s a challenge we’re happy to take on and meet – but only if we can maintain our usual Moetefindt quality.” Overall construction:

Loading an FTP 228

This product presentation features some of the highlights of loading an FTP 228, showing how easy it is to operate, how the remote control works with the winch, how additional loading ramps can be used and the stowage concepts and LED lighting for the interior.

Loading an AFK 35

This N24 report on the Tamsen car dealership illustrates the challenges of loading a Ferrari 16M Scuderia Spider with a very low ground clearance. Highlights: easy to operate, remote control, additional loading ramps, strapping systems and interior lighting.

A fast lap on the Nürburgring

To show you what our trailers can do, we drove to the Nürburgring’s “Nordschleife” track, known as the “Green Hell”. The Porsche Panamera ST was made available to us by PORSCHE AG itself, and none less than Patrick Simon was at the wheel of this unusual outfit. The winner of the 24 Hours event was also impressed by the handling of the FTP 235, as Moetefindt trailers are the only ones to feature a fully independent air suspension system. The trailer was loaded with a Porsche Junior 108. Despite the wet conditions, Patrick Simon took just 12:06 minutes, making an average speed of almost 104 km/h!!!

TÜV SÜD vehicle testing to DIN EN 12640 and VDI 2700 8.2 norms: Moetefindt

Dynamic test of Moetefindt bodies and trailers to gain the load securing certificate.

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