• E-Mobil mit extrem leichtem Aufbau
  • Foodtruck auf E-Mobil Basis
  • Voll integrierter Kofferaufbau auf E-Fahrzeug. Basis Renault Kangoo.
  • Foodtruck Elektroauto, Basis Renault Kangoo
  • Renault Kangoo als Foodtruck
  • Foodtruck Design von Moetefindt Fahrzeugbau
Moetefindt Testimonials


Objective: EKonzept Mobility was looking for an exceptionally lightweight body for its electric vehicle, based on a Renault Kangoo, to convert it into a food truck. Lightness, flexibility and optimum integration into the vehicle architecture were the customer's central requirements.

How we did it: Moetefindt realised a box body that was fully intergrated into the vehicle architecture without compromising the battery position. The aluminium honeycomb structure is extremely light and robust. The side flap serves as protection from the weather and frees up space for the sales counter. At the 65th IAA motor show in Frankfurt 2013, the concept won the Green Fleet Award.