• Lufthansa Technik Anhänger Spezialanfertigung durch Moetefindt Fahrzeugbau
  • Lufthansa Werkstatt und Ersatzteilanhänger für Flug-Shows
  • Aerodynamischer Werkstattanhänger
  • Lufthansa Spezialanfertigung Werkstattanhänger
  • Lufthansa Werkstattanhänger mit maßgeschneiderter Werkstatteinrichtung im Anhänger
  • Lufthansa Technik Werkstattanhänger Spezialanfertigung durch Moetefindt Fahrzeugbau
Moetefindt Testimonials


Objective: To develop a workshop and spare parts trailer for the maintenance of the classic Lufthansa "Ju 52" aeroplanes at air shows, suitable for use on both roads and landing strip lawns.

How we did it: Based on a flatbed truck, the box body was designed so that it also incorporates the wheel housings. In the interior, these are concealed by a tailor-made workshop facility. Thanks to the maximised use of space and the integrated skylights, the trailer provides the ideal working conditions for two people at once. The wide tyres allow the truck to drive on grassy surfaces without the wheels sinking in.