• Mobilcom Promotiontruck
  • Mobilcom Promotiontruck mit LED Board und Bühne
  • Sonderanfertigung Promotiontruck
  • Promotiontruck Innenausbau im aufmerksamkeitsstarken CI
  • Promotiontruck mit Bühne kaufen
  • Promotiontruck Innenausbau direkt vom Hersteller kaufen
Moetefindt Testimonials

promotion truck

Objective: To develop two promotion trucks that can be used both separately and together throughout the year. An attention-grabbing design to fit the company's corporate identity, a stage and a lounge area for enhancing customer communication.

How we did it: Two mini semi-trailers with a connecting stage platform. Heating and roof flaps to provide protection from the weather allow promotion all year round. The media technology and hydraulically extendable LED-board on the roof meet the latest standards and, together with the design, draw extra attention. The stage and the inviting lounge area can be reached via only three steps.