• Vodafone Promotion Anhänger mit Pop-Out von Moetefindt
  • Promotion Anhänger mit zusätzlicher Verkaufsfläche.
  • Promotion Anhänger, Spezialanfertigung für Vodafone
  • Promotionanhänger Spezialanfertigung leicht begehbar
  • Innenausbau für Promotion Anhänger Vodafone
  • Promotion Anhänger mit maximaler Größe für Führerscheinklasse 3
  • Verkaufsanhänger und Promotionanhänger Vodafone
Moetefindt Testimonials


Objective: To develop a promotion trailer that is easy to set up and use: it should be the maximum size for driving licence Class 3, as well as being easily accessible and weather-proof.

How we did it: We chose a Moetefindt MLK exhibition trailer with turntable and box body. The Moetefindt pop-out, which is integrated at the side, can be extended by 800 mm to create an additional sales area of 2.5 sqm inside. A floor-length flap serves as the entrance area to the trailer, as well as providing additional weather protection when open. The extendable access platform provides simple and compact access.