"Det Müller" (from German motor tv show) gets new FTP 235 trailer.

Best quality and performance are the most important.
Therefore "Det" gets a new trailer from Moetefindt.

Det visited us to pick up his new beautiful vehicle transporter.
Watch the video to learn more about our nice company.

Det bei Moetefindt

"Det" gets his new FTP

Best quality and performance are the most important.Therefore "Det" gets a new trailer from Moetefindt. ...

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Interview Techno Classica 2016 Essen

Techno Classica 2016 Essen - Interview

This year, we were visited at our stand by a film crew. Jens Moetefindt was interviewed and explains the design and function of our FTP and FTK ve ...

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4er Durchladung AFDK 70

Premiere Moetefindt 4-fold through-loading

2016 started with yet another premiere – the first AFDK 70 with through-loading option, double deck and hydraulically extendable drawbar for our ...

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AFK 35

Loading an AFK 35

The N24 report about the Tamsen care dealership documents the challenges of loading a Ferrari 16M Scuderia Spider, with a very low ride height. Hi ...

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Loading and unloading an FTK 235

With this box trailer, loading and unloading a vehicle takes only a few minutes. The additional extendable loading ramps enable an extremely low l ...

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Loading an RKN motorcycle trailer

The RKN motorcycle trailer is simple and concise, and boasts the following user-friendly features: automatic tilting device and extendible loading ...

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Loading an FTP 235 in two minutes

With this tarpaulin trailer, loading a vehicle takes only a few minutes. The additional folding ramps help achieve an exceptionally low loading an ...

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Loading an FTP 228

This product presentation shows the loading of an FTP 228, featuring highlights such as: user-friendliness, the interplay between the remote contr ...

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Eröffnungsfeier 2015

Moetefindt opening 2015

More than 500 guests watched the symbolic cutting of the ribbon by owner and manager, Jens Moetefindt. Presenter Lena Siep charmingly entertained ...

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Hallenbau Moetefindt 2015

Moetefindt's biggest project yet

Over 178 days – including 16 rainy days and 4 snow days – with 1,000 sqm of building materials, 3,600 sqm of concrete and a lot of hard work, ...

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Fast lap on the Nordschleife

To show you what is in our trailers, we went to the Nordschleife, which everyone knows as the "Green Hell". The Porsche Panamera ST was prov ...

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TÜV SÜD - Fahrzeugtest gem. DIN EN 12640 und VDI 2700 8.2 MOETEFINDT

Dynamic test of MOETEFINDT trucks and trailers to obtain the load securing certificate. ...

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