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Moetefindt Fahrzeugbau flatbed plant transporter trailer 3,500 kg

€15,529.50 BRUTTO
€13,050.00 NETTO excl. VAT 19%

Moetefindt tilting flatbed trailer/plant transporter.

Highlights of the Moetefindt Fahrzeugbau flatbed plant transporter trailer 3,500 kg



  • Built: 2021
  • L 4,000 x W 2,000 mm
  • Sides: 300 mm
  • Loading height: 680 mm


  • Air suspension with wheel shock absorbers and tilting V-shaped drawbar
  • Tyres: 225/55R12C 112N on Moetefindt design alloy rims
  • Decking: 15 mm multi-purpose phenolic faced Finnish plywood
  • Unladen weight: approx. 940 kg including covered body!
  • Payload: approx. 2,560 kg for basic version
  • incl. COC


General information:

  • Welded aluminium frame and body
  • Torsion axles with wheel shock absorbers for 100 km/h
  • Automatic reverse braking system
  • Tailgate designed as a loading ramp over an aluminium tube hinge, covered with chequer-plate and ending in a wedge shape
  • Drop-down sides and headboard
  • Lighting protected by end-to-end light fitting positioned with central plug connections
  • Lighting in accordance with StVZO road traffic licensing regulations: 12-volt 13-pin plug

How the trailer operates:

  • The drawbar and tailgate are unlocked and the loading platform tilted by pushing it down. When the vehicle drives onto the body, it tilts back into the driving position when it reaches the ideal nose weight. The trailer is then secured in place using over-centre fasteners.

Special features:

  • Air suspension with a differential axle instead of a torsion axle, for a uniquely smooth ride and less tyre wear. An external air supply is not required. Hot-dip galvanised design for a long service life and high mileage. Maintenance-free axle suspension, bolt-on wheel hubs and wheel shock absorbers for low follow-up costs.
  • Parabolic spring as trailing-arm suspension
  • Suitable for 100 km/h as standard.
  • Painted in RAL 9006 silver
  • When trailer travels empty, double-hinged tailboard can be folded back onto the loading platform
  • Removable corner posts
  • Detachable sides
  • 8 lashing rings embedded in the floor
  • Spare 12″ aluminium wheel with bracket below the loading platform
  • Small plastic step in the front side panel to help climb on

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