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FTP 235 WL-PM 2020

€132.00 BRUTTO per Day
€110.92 NETTO excl. VAT 19%

An enclosed, covered vehicle transporter in black. The aerodynamic design and the air suspension with shock absorbers make for a wonderfully smooth ride and are approved for 100 km/h. The automatic tilt mechanism means that even vehicles with a very low ground clearance can be loaded with no trouble at all.

Highlights of the FTP 235 WL-PM 2020


  • Length of loading area 5,500 mm
  • Wide loading area 2,250 mm
  • Interior height 1,800 mm
  • Permitted total weight: 3,500 kg
  • Payload 2,260 kg
  • Lockable construction
  • Pre-built tip for more storage space and optimal aerodynamics
  • Tilting function for optimal loading and unloading
  • Air suspension with 100 km/h approval
  • Tandem axle


  • Flap at the back as a drive-on ramp
  • Additional ramps to fold out for racing cars
  • Door in the top right
  • sliding tarpaulins on both sides
  • Aluminum profile base with transverse ribbing
  • Fastening system Milled holes for wheel safety wedges
  • Storage troughs in the loading area for 2 wheel sets and tools
  • 2.5t electric cable winch, which can be moved transversely, with plastic winch cable and radio control
  • Mirror system at the front in the body
  • 4 LED interior lights
  • Spare wheel with holder in the box body
  • Lighting according to road traffic act, 12 volts, 13-pin plug

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