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PFP 230 WL-PM 2222

€66.00 BRUTTO per Day
€55.46 NETTO excl. VAT 19%

Drop-side flatbed trailer with removable tarpaulin. The loading platform with a height of 2,000 mm, a length of 4,000 mm and a payload of 2,300 kg make this trailer ideal for heavier loads that also require protection.

Highlights of the PFP 230 WL-PM 2222


  • Length of loading area 4,000 mm
  • Wide loading area 2,000 mm
  • Height of loading area 2,000 mm
  • Permissible total weight 3,000 kg
  • Payload 2,300 kg
  • Flatbed trailer with removable tarpaulin
  • with protruding tip for more storage space
  • Foldable side walls (rear and side)
  • Air suspension with 100 km/h approval
  • tandem axle


  • Completely made of aluminum and therefore extremely light
  • Tiltable platform for loading machines
  • Side walls can be folded at the rear and sides for optimal loading
  • Side walls 300 mm
  • high 15 mm screen printing combination plate
  • Tarpaulin and aluminum bow with three rows of plug-in boards
  • Stable V drawbar with automatic support wheel
  • Lighting according to StVZO, 12 volts, 13-pin plug

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